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CARE Keys For Small Businesses

The Happier @ Work CARE Keys Organization Program provides frontline managers with tools each month to positively enhance the employee experience.

59% of small business employees say that what they respect most about their employer is that they provide a pleasant work environment (Aflac)

Small Businesses Have Different Needs Than Large Corporations

Small businesses have different needs than large organizations for many reasons, but one significant reason is that teamwork means being crossed trained. For example, the owner, company leaders and other employees may do everything from answering the phone, to HR tasks, to closing deals.

Some small businesses may outsource many aspects of HR, so employee engagement is left up to the owner, CEO or perhaps their assistant. Since small business leaders wear so many hats, time to plan and manage the team building aspects of employee engagement simply isn’t there.

The CARE Keys Small Business Program provides your frontline leaders, including members of your employee engagement teams, monthly tools to facilitate employee engagement through:

  • Communication

  • Activities

  • Recognition

  • Encouragement

The CARE Keys Small Business Program Includes

Training Video – A training video to introduce the CARE Keys, and explain why and how to implement them as part of employee engagement management habits.

Up to 2 CARE Key Leaders will receive:

  • Monthly Small Business CARE Guide that includes leadership insights and customizable activities. Activities are identified for virtual employees, and the ones that appeal to millennials.
  • Happier @ Work Monthly Leadership Newsletter
  • Monthly Happier @ Work 5-Minute Motivational Podcast

Here’s How Happier @ Work Helps

I love getting your emails. Who cant use a good quote and some positivity in their day!

One of my favorite quotes is. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” -Unknown



Administrative Typist | OH

I like to, anonymously, print and hang up the Happier@Work emails in our mail room. It is such fun to see others reading it and smiling.


Pittsford Schools | NY

Those positive impressions each morning, can always brighten your day!



Finding a Happier@Work email in my inbox brings a smile. It keeps me aware of new ideas to help make our workplace a happier one. My team laugh together a lot and our work is stronger for it. Thank you, Happier@Work.


Children’s & Women’s Hospital | Vancouver, BC

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CARE Keys Small Business Program Investment

CARE Keys Small Business Program Investment:

$99 Monthly Subscription

$999 Annual Subscription (12 Small Business CARE Guides) – 20% annual discount so it’s $83.25 per month

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Teams that address engagement needs in their everyday work outperform bottom teams by an average 20% in sales and 10% in customer engagement (Gallup)

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